Top 10 Locate Mistakes

#1 – Requesting too many addresses to be marked
You can enter up to 5 addresses on one locate notice, but the addresses must be side by side on the same side of the road.

#2 –A different location in the address field than requested instructions
The information provided in the instructions of the locate notice should reflect the address or street name provided in the address field of the locate notice.

#3 – Web ticket not enough information entered to be able to map 
Providing 2 additional cross streets and directions to the site will help the CSR locate the site on the map as well has help the locators in the field.

#4 – When a “No Show” locate is called in the caller doesn’t know who has or has not marked
Prior to calling in a “No Show” find out what color markings are on the ground, if any, by going to the site. It is also helpful to try to find out if any of the lines may be aerial.

#5 – Know the county the work is taking place in
County is a required field. Prior to calling in your locate notice, know the county the work is taking place so your locate notice can be processed in a timely manner. You can also view our web page for a list of counties in SC.

#6 – Requesting locate notice to be updated too early 
This type of request is used when an existing locate notice needs to be extended for more digging time on the 12th full working day of the locate notice which is termed as “updating on time”. This action will re-calculate a new 3 full working day notice and extend it for an additional 15 full working days with no lapse in coverage. Please keep in mind that a locate notice should never be updated more than 3 full days prior to the Update date.

#7 – Entering Normal notice request with improper “instructions”
Only normal and update locate notices maybe entered using the web portal. Should any other type of notice be needed then dial 811 and an email copy can be sent to you.

#8 – Wanting to add additional marking instructions without processing a new locate notice 
Anytime the area that needs marking instructions changed a new locate notice will need to be called in. Once a locate number has been given the marking instructions cannot be changed.

#9 – Time line to input tickets no hold time to get information 
If caller can’t provided the required information to get the locate notice processed in a timely manner, the locate notice will need to be suspended and ask the caller to call back once they get the required information needed to complete the locate notice. Keep in mind the caller must call back by the close of business or the information will no longer be suspended.

#10 – Trying to update an emergency notice
An emergency locate notice is not updated; a new normal notice locate will be entered.


Top 10 Locate Mistakes

For more information, see page 30 of the Excavator Manual