Quick Tips to Submit Locate Notice

1. Select from the drop down box the type of excavation that will be taking place. (Example: Electric Power Pole Replacement)

2. Type the name of the person or company doing the actual excavation work.

3. How long will the digging portion of the work take? (Example: Two days)

4. Will there be any explosives used on the site? If so, check the box.

5. Has the excavation site been Pre-marked? Pre-mark is marking out the area where the excavation work is taking place with paint, stakes or flags.

6. Will there be any drilling or boring? If so, check the box.

7. Is the excavation site within a ¼ mile or eyesight of a railroad? If so, check the box.

8. Will the excavation take place in a Subdivision? If so, place the name in the box. (Example: Fox Haven)

9. If the work is being done for another company or a homeowner, state the name in the box.

10. If the work is taking place at multiple addresses, check the box and enter the actual addresses in the Instructions box. (Example: 100, 102 & 104), no more than 5 addresses per locate notice and the addresses have to be side by side, same side of road.

11. This will always be SC for South Carolina. If work is not in SC, contact the appropriate state. (Example: www.Georgia811.com for Georgia or www.nc811.org for North Carolina).

12. Select from the drop down box the county the excavation will take place in. (Example: Richland)

13. Select from the drop down box the city, town or community the excavation work will take place. If your town or community is not listed in the drop down box, you will need to type it in. (Example: Columbia)

14.   Enter the physical address of the excavation site. Only one physical address can be entered in this field. (Example: “101” N Main St South)

15.   If the street name has a prefix; it would be entered in this field. (Example: 101 “N” Main St South, the N would be placed in this field)

16.   This is the street name the excavation is taking place on. (Example: 101 N “Main” St South, Main would be placed in this field). If the excavation is not taking place at an address or on a road, Unknown will be placed in this field with a very detailed description typed in the Instructions box explaining the “unknown”. (Example: This is for a power line right of way located 500ft off the edge of State St traveling northeast for 700 ft.)

17.   This is where you will enter the type of road ending. (Examples: St, Dr, Ave & Ct; 101 N Main “St” South)

18.   If the street name has a suffix; it would be entered in this field. (Example: 101 N Main St South, the “S” would be placed in this field)

19.   Enter the cross street and/or intersecting street that is located within a ¼ mile from the excavation site.

20.   Enter the directions to the excavation site. (Example: From the intersection of Bush River Rd, head south on Dutch Square Blvd for approx. 200 feet; excavation site will be located on the left side of the road.)

21.   This is where you would enter specific marking instructions as to where the utility lines need to be located on the excavation site. (Example: Mark the front of the property and both sides of the road)

22.   Verify that all information is correct and then click the submit button.

23.   The Reset button is for multiple locate notices. Press this button if you need to enter another locate notice. This will erase all previous information.