Homeowner Ticket

5 Steps to Safe Digging

1 – Request a locate.  Fill out this form or call 811 to request for your lines to be marked.

2 – Wait the required amount of time. For normal notice tickets, you must wait three full business days, not including the day you requested your locate.

3 – Check positive response (call 811 or 888-721-7877) to ensure that all the lines at your dig site have been marked.

4 – Respect the marks. Keep your marks in tact and call for a re-mark if the marks are destroyed by weather or other construction related activity.

5 – Dig carefully around buried utilities.

For more information for homeowners about digging safely, visit our homeowner page.


If you have any questions while entering this form, please contact our help desk at 800-290-2783, ext 1 or [email protected] 

Review Before Submitting

Please review the form for accuracy and spelling before submitting. Errors and omissions may delay the locate process.

Process Time

If you submit your locate request before 5pm Monday through Friday, the locate will be processed the same day.

If you submit your locate request after 5pm or on a weekend or holiday, it will be processed the next business day.

Once the notice has been processed, you will receive an email with the notice details and information about checking positive response and when you can begin digging.

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Intersecting Street: Closest street to the work address street: (May be the street you turn off of to get onto work address street) *
Name of Subdivision: (If not in a Subdivision, leave blank)
Select all of the following that apply
- Explosives
- Drilling/Boring
- Near Railroad
Is the dig site pre-marked with flags, stakes or paint?: *

Markings: When facing the property from the street. Where will the digging take place: (Please select all that apply)
- Front of Property
- Rear of Property
- Left of Property
- Right of Property
- Road Frontage Single Side
- Road Frontage Both Sides
Remarks, Driving Directions and any other helpful instructions: (Please do not press the enter key to go to the next line. Word wrap will automatically start the next line.)