Fire Department Banner Challenge


Enter to win $500 for your fire station by hanging an 811 banner and submitting a photo!

  1. Hang your Banner or put a “Call 811 before you dig” message on your marquee by August 1.
  2. Take a photo of your banner/marquee and send to [email protected] by August 10.
  3. Photos will be posted on SC811’s facebook account ( on August 11.
  4.  The number of likes will be counted on September 11 at noon EST. The station with the most likes on their photo will receive a check for $500.

Suggestions: Use humor in your photos to get more likes! Tell your community to like the picture. Remember, the original photo posted by SC811 must be liked. If you share the photo and someone likes the shared image, that will not be counted in the final tally.

Additional Info:

  1. Sign up for this contest will begin at the Fire Rescue Conference in Columbia at the SC811 Booth. First come, first served on sign up for new banner designs for 2018. We will only be ordering 50, please ensure your team gets a chance to enter again this year. If you are unable to signup in time for new banners, you are welcome to put messaging on your marquee or use a banner from last year.
  2. We request that banners hang for the duration of the campaign, from August 1 until September 11th.
  3. Fire stations that participated in 2017 are allowed to participate again this year, using a new banner or last years banner.
Winning photo 2017: Cherokee – Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department
Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department receiving their $500 Check