Damage Record

According to The South Carolina Underground Damage Prevention Act, Section 58-36-90 (Damages) (A) The excavator performing an excavation or demolition that results in any damage to a facility must, immediately upon discovery of such damage, notify the notification center and the facility operator, if known, of the location and nature of the damage.

The excavator must allow the operator reasonable time to accomplish necessary repairs before completing the excavation or demolition in the immediate area of such facility. The excavator shall delay any back-filling in the immediate area of the damaged facility until authorized by the operator. The repair of any damage shall be performed by the operator or by qualified personnel authorized by the operator.

Section 58-36-20 (Definitions)(4) ‘Damage’ means the substantial weakening of structural or lateral support of a facility, penetration or destruction of protective coating, housing, or other protective device of a facility and the partial or complete severance of a facility.

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PLEASE NOTE: Reporting of emergencies to the SC811 Call Center does not constitute reporting a damage, a separate record must be entered using this form. Any flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid, or electricity, or endangers life, health, or property, immediately shall notify emergency services, including 911, the notification center and the operator, if known.

The damage report will not be processed if the following items are not filled: Phone Number, Your Name, Company Address, Company City, Company State, Company Zip Code, Type of Work, County, City, Street Name, Nearest Intersecting Street, and Work is Done by.

Please review all information for Accuracy and Spelling!.

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