SC811 Academy

SC811 Academy is a web based program that allows for training on the go. This program takes 60 to 75 minutes to complete and includes 12 modules which encompass most aspects of the Underground Facility Damage Act.

Each module is followed by a 5 question quiz. After all modules are completed, the user will take a 60 question final exam. If the user passes the exam, they will be presented with a training certificate that can be printed or downloaded.

Sign in Help

If you did not complete your training, you can “sign up” again with the same information and the system will recognize your account. You will be able to resume the course where you left off or start from the beginning.

Once you have completed your training, or 60 days after you began your training, your account will be deactivated.  Be sure to complete your training within 60 days and print or download your certificate when you have finished the training. SC811 does not have access to this information once accounts have been deactivated.

Additional Resources

For more video resources, visit the SC811 Educational Library.

If you would like to set up a free on-site training, email [email protected].

SC811 Academy is available for Sponsorship!

Training Modules:

About South Carolina 811

The Importance of Calling in a Locate

How to Submit a Locate

Checking Positive Response

Utility Location

Digging Safely

Gas Safety

Other Utility Safety

Secondary Actions


Damages & Enforcement

Completing your Work